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What is Strykerz?

Strykerz is a brand that differentiates a striking fighter from a ground fighter.

What is Shin Do Kumaté?

Shin Do Kumaté is a revolutionary style of professional fighting that takes the sport of Muay Thai to a whole new level.

What is MKM?

MKM Knockout Promotions is the leading Muay Thai fight promotion in the world.

Shin Do Kumate Fight Series available on Amazon Full, exciting fight series of all Shin Do Kumate and Muay Thai Classic bouts now available at for rent or purchase as downloadable files.

The Fight Network MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC / Shin Do Kumaté Strykerz TV proudly announces a 3 year partnership with The Fight Network to broadcast Shin Do Kumaté − Strykerz! weekly television series in Canada for 6 seasons. This series displays the best of the best Muay Thai fights, as well as the fighters’ lives and experience in the world of Muay Thai as well as fighting for Shin Do Kumaté.

Fight Channel

Available Now!

24/7 Online Fight Channel featuring the best Muay Thai fight videos including top name champion fighters such as Clifton Brown, Rick Roufus, Patrick Barry, Scott Lighty, Stephen Richards, Simon Marcus, Aaron Castellvi, Paul Marfort, Felice Herrig and Kate Meehan.


wyndstorm Wyndstorm Corporation, a company of "Social Media Architects," who specialize in building social experiences for clients have joined forces with to form the biggest Muay Thai / Shin Do Kumaté and Martial Arts community online. is the brainchild of Shin Do Kumaté Heavyweight Champion... Read More »

christienowels MKM Knockout Promotions is proud to announce to introduce our exciting new TV host Christie Nowels will be commentating side by side with Master Mehrdad and Anthony Sabia on SDK-Strykerz TV weekly Show.

remy A 3 time Shin Do Kumaté veteran, Remy Bonnel has gained International Prestige by beating some of the best fighters in the world. Remy brings to the ring some of the most devastating kicks you will ever see. At Shin Do Kumaté XIV, Remy will be looking for revenge for a loss to Fernando Calleros and to prove that Calleros got lucky. This fight promises to be full of fireworks.

Brighthouse Sports Network Watch our premier talk show on Bright House Sports Network hosted by me Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi along with other prominent media hosts and featured guests. MKM Knockout Promotions in partnership with BHSN TV will broadcast Shin Do Kumaté "Strykerz" for a 13 week episode highlighting... Read More »

sweetwheat MKM Knockout Products, LLC is proud to announce Sweet Wheat Inc. as its main sponsor. Sweet Wheat® is a 100% certified organic supplement that gives the user intense energy, faster recovery and enhanced mental clarity, all without any negative side effects! If you are an athlete, you need to try this one out!

GinaGina Squicciarini is the beautiful co-host of the weekly television series: Shin Do Kumaté − Strykerz! Gina has a background in Kenpo and isshinryu Karate and she not only hosts the TV Show alongside Master Mehrdad and Anthony Sabia, she also gets her hands dirty with some hardcore Muay Thai demonstrations.

Travelle Travelle Mason − New rising star winning all bouts in Master Mehrdad Muay Thai Classics - trained by Master Mehrdad Moayedi. Currently holds Light Heavyweight Championship Belt and will be representing Master Mehrdad as an amateur undercard bout in all Shin Do Kumaté Televised events. Come watch this undefeated champion on February 28th!

clifton With a record of 40-10, Clifton Brown is one of the best Muay Thai fighters ever produced in Canada. He has has stepped into the ring with some of the best fighters in his weight class. Scheduled to fight Crafton Wallace in 2007, the fight was scrapped due to injury. These two warriors will finally face each other in the ring in what has the ingredients to be the best Muay Thai fight in America!